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Follow along as our groups make their way up Kilimanjaro or go on adventurous wildlife safaris. This is an easy way to link your trip's progress to family and friends back home. We will post updates as often as possible.
Jan 9: Tom x4 group is doing well on the climb. Everyone is feeling good and hiking strong! Temps are starting to get cooler now, especially at night. There has been lots of rain on the mountain but this just adds to the fun.

Jan 7: The group of 4 began their climb today. They left Arusha about 8am and drove nearly 4 hours to the base of Kilimanjaro. After registration, they enjoyed lunch and then began the hike to the first camp at about 9,500ft. Everyone is doing good and feeling great!
Jan 5: Tom, Louis, Rob, and Carolyn have all arrived safely and are now at the lodge resting from the long flight. Tomorrow will be spent packing and preparing for the climb.
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