We pride ourselves on crafting itineraries that not only correspond with seasonal wildlife patterns, but also take into consideration your specific tastes and interests. In order to provide you with the most rewarding experience possible, we will need to have an open and honest dialogue. Some things to consider for your trip are:

What are your specific tastes and interests?
       •Specific animal interests - are there any animals that you are particularly interested in seeing (i.e. lion, cheetah, elephant, the wildebeest migration, birds, etc.)
       •Outdoor activities - do you enjoy short walks, long hikes or more passive activities
        •Lodging style - do you prefer camping, simple/quaint lodges, luxury lodges or perhaps a good mix of accommodations
        •Safari style - are you interested in an off the beaten path experience or would you just like to see the main highlights
        •Other personal interests (photography, geology, cultural, etc.)

When do you plan on traveling?
   Our goal is to get you as close to the action as safely possible by putting you in the right place at the right time. Wildlife concentrations are extremely seasonal and depending on which month you plan to travel, your safari itinerary will need to be tailored to take advantage of the greatest game concentrations available. Let us know which month you plan to take your safari and we can recommend not only the best parks to visit but also the best areas within each park to focus your safari. If you have more flexibility in your schedule, we can certainly recommend the best months for your safari depending on your specific interests and requirements.

How many people do you expect in your group and what is the composition?
  All of our safaris are strictly private to be shared with just you and your close friends or family. Let us know the expected size and composition of your party and we can tailor your safari itinerary accordingly. If you will be traveling with your significant other, we can focus your itinerary on the more intimate and romantic lodges and areas that will provide for an unforgettable luxury honeymoon or anniversary celebration. On the contrary, if this is a family vacation with children, we can customize your itinerary to include the lodges and areas with family friendly facilities and activities such as swimming pools, cultural interactions, school visits, interpretive bushwalks and ecology lessons. Perhaps you will be traveling with close friends. Once again, customization is the key that enables us to provide the appropriate accommodations and entertaining activities that best suits your group.

What is your budget?
  Every custom tailored safari is unique and costs vary significantly depending on the length of the safari, type of lodging and month of travel. One way to plan your safari is to let us know your estimated budget and we can tailor your itinerary to fit within this amount. Alternatively, we can run several optimal itineraries with different prices based upon your requirements by varying levels of accommodations and number of days. You can then make an informed decision on what is right for you as you will have several different itineraries and prices to compare.